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Shake Call


You can Answer a call by shaking phone.
Shake Call give you quick and easy way to receive a call and hang up the phone.

  • Answer a call by shaking a phone.
  • Hang up by shaking a phone : only when screen is on.
  • Flash when ringing : camera flash alarm when ringing.
  • Turn over to mute incoming calls.
  • Vibration alarm : vibration when a call is connected or disconnected by shake.
  • Status bar notification : notification during service is running.

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Easy Call


You can receive a call without touching screen.

  • Answer a call with the wave of your hand (Air call-accept).
  • Answer a call with shaking your phone.
  • Silence mode by upside down.
  • Automatical speakerphone on / off depending on the distance to ear.

And more…

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