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Shake Call


You can Answer a call by shaking phone.
Shake Call give you quick and easy way to receive a call and hang up the phone.

  • Answer a call by shaking a phone.
  • Hang up by shaking a phone : only when screen is on.
  • Flash when ringing : camera flash alarm when ringing.
  • Turn over to mute incoming calls.
  • Vibration alarm : vibration when a call is connected or disconnected by shake.
  • Status bar notification : notification during service is running.

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Missed Call Agent


If you got a missed call, Missed Call Agent will notify you by sound, vibration, camera flash.
The alert will begin in a few seconds after a missed call happened. It alert you during the time you set.
You can set the alarm interval from 6 seconds to 10 minutes and set the alarm duration from 30 seconds to forever.
★ Never miss calls!

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