Simple & fast ways to launch favorite apps.
  • Just wave your hand without touching screen.
  • Shake your phone to start favorite apps.
  • Click a floating icon to launch your lovely apps.

Proximity Sensor
  • Wave your hand over proximity sensor. Favorite app will pop up immediately.
  • Turn on the screen along the same lines.
  • If you are prefer the horizontal screen, check ‘Vertical Screen Only‘ option.
Shake Phone
  • Just shake your phone. Favorite app will pop up immediately.
  • Use Flash Feedback together. You can notice app running.
  • Set the sensitivity of shaking suitable for you phone. The higher, the easier.
Floating Icon
  • Touch floating icon anytime anywhere. Favorite app will pop up immediately.
  • Translucent icon is always floating on the screen.
  • Place floating icon anywhere you like and Select a suitable size to touch.