Pandora Launcher


Launch your favorite apps quickly by shaking phone or by a floating shortcut.
Quick and easy way to launch your favorite apps.
No matter what you do, just Shake your phone.
Anywhere, anytime Click the floating icon.
It’s so chic.

★ How to use ★
  1. Start Pandora Launcher.
  2. Choose your favorite app.
    • The smaller you choose, the faster Pandora Launcher works.
  3. Shake your phone or Click the floating icon.
    • Dialog will pop up and you can select the app to be run easily.
★ Features ★
  1. You can change the size and image of floating icon.
    • Create your own icon from photos. People you love or whatever you like.
  2. You can also search apps on the popup dialog.
    • Click the search icon at the top-right corner.
  3. You can change device settings with ‘Quick settings panel’.
    • Settings, WiFi, Ringtone, Flashlight, Screen rotation, Brightness, Screen timeout(Sleep), Data network.

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